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3D printers

We have a large selection of 3D printers here, both filament printers and 3D resin printers. Choose from popular brands such as Creality, Elegoo or Flashforge. Whether you're looking for a beginner 3D printer or a more advanced model, you're sure to get the best price.

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3D printers

You can order the best 3D printers at 123-3D.ie

123-3D.ie has the best 3D printers from various major brands in stock. Do you want to get started right away? You can do this by buying a complete 3D printer, such as the Adventurer 3 or Felix Pro 2. These plug & print 3D printers are ready for use within half an hour. 3D printing your downloaded designs, your own designs or prototypes has never been easier. Are you specifically looking for a 3D printer for your educational institution? Then read our specially developed article about 3D printing in education here and discover the many benefits. Prefer to get started yourself? Then choose from one of the many DIY 3D printer kits, such as the Snapmaker 3-in-1 or Creality Ender-3 V2. These kits contain all parts to build a complete 3D printer yourself. At 123-3D.ie you will also find all the filament for your 3D printer or for the 3D pen.

A ready-to-use 3D printer or build your own?

A complete 3D printer and a DIY 3D printer kit both have their advantages. With the ready-to-use 3D printer you can get started right away. No technical knowledge is required. Even ready-made 3D models can be downloaded online. Of course you can also make or adapt designs yourself, for example to 3D print a prototype. Do you want a 3D printer that you can use right away? Choose one of the ready-to-use printers such as the Inventor II or BCN3D Sigma D25 3D printer. Both the BCN3D and Flashforge 3D printer are user-friendly, accurate and fast.

Are you up for the challenge of building your 3D printer yourself? Then you will immediately get to know the different parts and the operation of the 3D printer very well. If you have a great interest in technology, building a 3D printer is a wonderful hobby project. And at 123-3D.ie, you can buy all parts for the 3D printer in one handy package. Prusa has released a complete 3D printer kit for building the Anet A6 Prusa i3 Acrylic 3D printer. There is a large community of people who enjoy building 3D printers and the RepRap community has designed several printer models of which the Prusa 3D printer is one. RepRap's goal is to create a 3D printer that can duplicate itself by printing all its own parts.

To make the choice easier, you can compare 3D printers and kits in our 3D printer comparison table. Here you can immediately see what the possibilities of each 3D printer are. Are you going to buy a 3D printer? In addition to the price, also pay attention to the maximum construction volume of the 3D printer and the possibilities that each model offers. For example, just buying a cheap 3D printer can mean that you can only 3D print small objects. That's a lot of fun, but maybe not what you had in mind. Are you going to buy a complete 3D printer? Also pay attention to the presence of a heated bed. A 3D printer with a heated bed means that your objects cool down more gradually, which is a requirement for 3D printing with ABS filament.

Are you planning to 3D print in two colours or with two materials? Then you can consider a dual extruder 3D printer, such as the Creator Pro. You can load two spools of filament in it at the same time, to easily work with special support filament or two colours. A 3D printer with only one extruder can process one type of filament at a time, which means printing with one colour and filament type at the same time. Finally, you can consider whether the 3D printer you want to buy can be expanded later, for example with a heated bed or other extruder. As a beginner, you may not yet know which functionalities you will need later, so a cheap 3D printer with expansion options is a nice middle ground.

Buy a 3D printer for the best price

At 123-3D.ie you will find various offers for 3D printers with which you can get started within half an hour. It becomes really advantageous if you choose to build a 3D printer yourself. But of course that requires a considerable commitment of time. Are you going to adjust your 3D printer yourself or maybe build a complete 3D printer from scratch? Every part can be ordered at 123-3D.ie! From the smallest ball bearings and screws to the printed circuit board; you can order them individually from us or directly in the right quantities for building your 3D printer yourself.

123-3D.ie is a complete webshop with everything for 3D printers. This means that you can also order all your filament from us. Not just standard varieties like PLA filament, ABS and PETG filament, but also flexible filament and we also have filament with nice effects in stock! For example, 123-3D.ie supplies filament with wood and metal particles. This gives 3D printing projects a unique appearance and they look very different than with standard filament. Make your 3D printer even more versatile! 123-3D.ie makes experimenting with 3D printers and filament easy, by also offering filament sample packages. Here you will find small quantities of a certain filament type. This way you can first try out how your 3D printer handles this and what results it produces, before ordering a complete spool. Because we are just as crazy about 3D printing as you are, we can advise you perfectly about 3D printing. At 123-3D.ie you will always find the latest developments in the field of 3D printers.
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