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3D resin

Order SLA resin for an affordable price. SLA resin is resin that is used by resin printers and can be divided into different curing methods. In our range you will find daylight resin, resin for DLP printers, resin for printers with laser, and washable resin. You can also buy resin from us from brands such as BASF and Wanhao. In addition, our range includes FEP films and curing chambers.
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3D resin

Order cheap SLA resin online

In our range you will find a large number of different types of SLA resin. We offer resin for different curing methods, washable resin, various accessories for the printing process and brands of a number of specific brands.

Our SLA resin range

Different curing methods

There are various types of resin printers. Depending on which resin printer you have, a different curing method is used. That is why you will find the right resins for different curing methods in our range. For example, you can easily buy resin for printers that use an LCD with visible daylight, printers that use a UV light, or printers that use a resin laser.

Water washable resin

Water washable resin makes it possible to make supports for your prints that can then be easily dissolved in water. This makes it easy to print even complex SLA prints properly, with sufficient support.

Accessories for SLA resin
In our range you will find a wide range of accessories to use in combination with an SLA printer. Think of disposable gloves, FEP film, safety glasses and curing chambers. This way you can use your SLA printer in a safe and efficient way.

Common questions

What is SLA resin?

SLA resin is a resin used by SLA printers; printers that use a photochemical process to convert the liquid resin into a solid print. Depending on the resin and the printer, there are different photochemical processes, ranging from the use of a laser to a UV light.

How do I use SLA resin safely?

It is not wise to touch SLA resin in its liquid form with bare skin. In addition, certain substances and particles are released when working with SLA resin. These particles can cause harm if they are inhaled or come into contact with your eyes. It is therefore important to protect your hands and face when working with SLA resin and to work in a sufficiently ventilated area to minimise potential hazards.

Is SLA resin food safe?

No, SLA resin is not food safe. Resin particles may be released upon contact with foodstuffs. Even after treatment with a coating, it is not guaranteed that SLA resin is food safe. Do you want to print food-safe? Then it is convenient to print with PLA, PETG, PP or nylon. Note: A filament must indicate whether it is food safe.
Do you have questions about the information on this page? Or would you like to know more about our range of SLA resin? Contact us! We like to help.