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Cookies Policy

Cookie policy 123-3D.ie

Cookie policy

123-3D.ie uses cookies and other techniques such as JavaScript.

What are cookies?

On the internet, the term cookies are used for small, simple text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. Cookies can store data, such as preferences, or provide information about your browser or device.

Why cookies?

Cookies provide a user-friendly site. Because certain choices you have made and actions that you have carried out are remembered, you do not have to make the same choices for each visit. For example, we remember your language preference, but also which articles are in your shopping cart. Are you logged in? Then we also remember that for a while. This way you can immediately continue where you left off on your next visit!

Accept cookies

If you accept cookies, you can be sure that you are getting the best user experience. Your preferences are remembered and your shopping cart is retained. This way you do not have to make the same choices each time. Moreover, you automatically help us to gain more insight into the behaviour of visitors, so that we can make the webshop even better.

Not accepting, or deleting cookies

Please note: if you choose not to accept cookies at all, some features of our web store may not work. 

In your browser settings you can adjust your preferences for placing cookies. Here you can indicate that you do not want cookies to be placed. You can also only stop cookies from third parties. Cookies that are already placed in your browser and on your device, can also be deleted in your browser settings. 

Click below for a manual to customize the cookie settings in your browser:

What types of cookies are there?

  • Functional cookies:  these are necessary for the webshop to function properly.
  • Performance cookies: these are not necessary, but increase the user-friendliness of the webshop and / or add extra functions.
  • Analytical cookies: these give us insight into the use of the webshop and help us to improve the website.
  • Marketing cookies: these give us insight into how you ended up on our website, for example via an advertisement.

Cookies on 123-3D.ie:

Cook name Explanation
Storage period
cpid This is a load balancer cookie. This ensures the best user experience. 1 day functional cookie
welcome This cookie looks if you are visiting our website for the first time. 10 years functional cookie
SESSION This cookie remembers your shopping cart. 2 years functional cookie
SnapABugVisit This cookie comes from our chat functionality. This way you can reach customer service quickly and easily via the live chat. end of session performance cookie
SnapABugRef This cookie comes from our chat functionality. The cookie registers which page you are on and how you got there. 2 hour performance cookie
SnapABugHistory This cookie comes from our chat functionality. 1 year performance cookie
SnapABugChatWindow This cookie comes from our chat functionality. This cookie records the position of the chat window. 30 minutes performance cookie
_gid This cookie is from google analytics. This helps us to analyse and optimize the use of the web store. This cookie registers a unique ID, with which we can keep statistics for analyzing and improving the webshop. 1 day analysing cookie
_ga This cookie is from Google Analytics. This cookie gives each visitor a random ID to be able to keep statistics. This helps us to analyse and optimize the use of the web store. 2 years analysing cookie
_gat This cookie is from Google Analytics and does not store any information. It limits the number of requests for data collection. 1 minute analysing cookie
_uetsid This cookie is from Microsoft Ads. The cookie gives us insight into the use of our website. This way we can optimize the website. 30 minutes analysing cookie
com_tokens, TSNGUID, ajs_group_id, _ga, intercom-lou-cyym0u3i, login_idle_session_timeout, optimizelyEndUserId, ajs_user_id, nr_zd_logged_in, JSESSIONID, ajs_anonymous_id, intercom-session-cyym0u3i
New Relic is a tool that we use to detect errors in the website. That way we can constantly improve the site Ranging from just for the session to a few years analysing cookie
_msuuid or other cookie with domain .marinsm.com Marin is a tool with which, on the basis of anonymised data, advertisements can be managed, and insight is gained on whether an order has been placed. This helps us to improve the search function of our products. 1 year analysing cookie

Social media cookies

Cookies from social media parties (third parties such as Twitter and Facebook) are only placed when you press a social media share button from our website. The social media party knows from which website you come and which page you want to share. For more information about these cookies, we refer you to the cookie policy and privacy policy of the parties in question: Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

Cookies and privacy

We attach great value to your privacy and carefully handle personal data. For more information about the way we handle your personal data, we refer you to our Privacy Policy

Do you have any questions? Please contact us:

Email: info@123-3D.ie or telephone: 01 963 7043
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