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Choosing filament types

A filament that fits your printer
Which filament do you need for your 3D printer? The filament type you use should match the capabilities of your 3D printer. Note what the maximum temperature of your printer is and whether or not the printer has a heated bed. Choose the right filament and you can print objects in any shape, as long as your 3D printer has the correct (temperature) settings.

A filament that suits your 3D project
Then look at the requirements for your project: Does it have a lot of details? Does it have to be flexible, or can it withstand heat? Or maybe you should opt for a filament with extra effects such as a glow-in-the-dark colour?

Soluble Filament
By combining one of the base materials with a (soluble) support material, you can create the most complex 3D projects with hollow or open spaces under the layers. For this, the printer must be able to work with two materials (two extruders).

Read more about all 3D filament types and types for using these materials here. Of course you can order all types of filament for your 3D project directly online at 123-3D.ie!